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These words build unity, oneness. These words are used to create a sense belonging, to emphasize that you have a role in this union. In my years of experience thus far, I have lost faith in those words…to a degree. It has been ‘us, we, ours,’ when things are well, however, when disappointments arise, the atmosphere of unity, respect, and commitment to one another is shaken. Abandonment, isolation, anger seems to manifest, and all of the ‘us, we, and ours,’ have turned out (for me) to be me, me, me & Jesus…to console my mind, and spirit from the shock of being cut off.

Words to the wise, ‘us, we, ours,’ are pure words with powerful meanings. These words again, emphasize unity, love, bond, connection, commitment, loyalty. It is the passion of every leader for every person connected to have this heart, and vocabulary of ‘us, we, ours’ for the vision, the organization & for one another. ‘Us, we, ours,’ is still alive today. Don’t let bad experiences of rejection make you no longer believe in the power love, connection, and unity.

Know the hearts of your leaders, of the groups, organizations, and the members you have connected your time, and devotion too. Your spirit will know when it is truly ‘us, we, and ours.’ Your own vocabulary will reflect your belief of belonging, and faith in the role you play to manifest the vision you are a part of. Don’t let rejection control your life! Choose today to believe in those words again (us, we, and ours).

Love unifies. This is how you will know when it is truly ‘us, we, and ours,’ it will be tested in the bad times, in the disappointments, in the failed expectations. If your relationship to the group, organization has survived all of the tests of shaky times, and you are still there loving your leaders, and the members, doing, and (knowing) your role to help the vision…then you have found LOVE. You are truly connected. Your vocabulary should resound with ‘us, we, and ours!’ Give God praise, for experiencing divine unity, and purpose. Be mindful to embrace others HE sends your way. Introduce the broken, the rejected, to ‘us, we, ours,’ which is the language of the LOVE!


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Forgive the Experience…

‘A Heart that Forgives,’ is the song I was scheduled to minister today. Oh, the irony! It took a sleeplessness night for God to get my attention, to face a daunting truth.

I will not minister in dance today. However, I will share the lesson God has taught me about ‘Forgiving the Experience!’

Forgiveness comes in layers. We all know about forgiving people, but what about forgiving experiences? Sometimes when we have a bad experience we make little internal declarations in our hearts that says, ‘I ain’t doing that again!’ or ‘I won’t be back anytime soon,’ or ‘ I will not deal with you too closely.’

We have these little check marks/ warning/ caution signs next to people and experiences that were unpleasant.
For example, I purchased a shirt from a store and it didn’t fit well once I tried it on at home. I returned the shirt to the store, and they refused to refund my money. Instead, they gave me a store credit. I was unaware of their return policy, and I felt it was extremely unreasonable for them to give me a credit and the store did not have what I needed. I needed my money back, to go and purchase what I wanted in another store.

Well, in my mind that was a BAD experience and subconsciously a declaration was made. ‘I ain’t coming back to this store!’ I can honestly tell you, it was literally years before I stepped foot into that store again. And not just that store in my area, wherever I was in the United States! It was even longer before I actually purchased something from that store. Thankfully, the store has changed its return policy, but the experience, needless to say, left a scar in mind.

I had to forgive the experience! God had to show me how to move on in my mind from the shock, and disappointment that happened that ONE time! Sounds silly right?! But it is true, you see I am an accountant by profession. My mind is analytical and it keeps good record.

In our love walk in Christ, LOVE does NOT keep a record. God is showing me not only to forgive my neighbor but also negative experiences. If I don’t learn how to move past the experience, the bitterness, and fear of disappointment will influence my decisions, and keep me out of the will of God.

Another example, a few months ago I went to Palm Coast for an event. At the event, my car broke down, had a few emotional encounters with some people, in conclusion I had a rough time! I left Palm Coast with no intention to return for a looong time! It wasn’t Palm Coast’s fault my car broke down, and I had some disappointments. However, in my mind that place was now associated with an unpleasant experience!

Then a month later, my church decides to have a leadership conference in Palm Coast! I told God immediately I do not want to go to Palm Coast!  I did not want to be anywhere near that place because of a series of events that took place a month before. There was a scar in the mind. I knew God wanted me to be there, despite my declarations.

I had to pray and ask Him to help me push past the last experience! The Lord encouraged me to go again, and give the place a chance. He also made a way for me financially. Now, that trip to Palm Coast I had dreaded; became an adventure. I wanted to go and see, what was in store when I walk in obedience versus my own understanding.

I had a wonderful time, and a whole new perspective of the place! God had a treasure in store for me, and it was important for me to be in place to receive it!

It’s funny, the situations you revisit that are undesirable, or uncomfortable, usually has a treasure in it just for you! You have to mature, give others room to grow, pressed toward the mark- not avoid it.

I share this with you because I don’t want you to disobey God’s leading. I don’t want you to be out of place. Resist the temptation to avoid events, or circumstances that left a negative impression.

It is important to address in detail the offense, or negative experience that happened; to see how it really affected you. That situation can subconsciously impact the decisions you make, and have you running from the will of God.

Subsequently, for your own healing, God will require you to go back to the places, people, or circumstances you have avoided.

To redeem the time, be obedient to God. Face the uncomfortable. Move forward, and

Forgive the experience!

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Who Wants to LEAD?!

I just have to say, Thank you to all the leaders (especially my parents and family) whom God has placed in my life thus far. Thank you for all you have taught me! I say this now, hindsight twenty-twenty.

Being a leader is difficult at times, though others seem to focus on the benefits, it is a serious responsibility to be called to lead others. It is when, you are actually placed in a leadership position, you begin to feel the pressure that comes with it, and understand why people run from it!

When temptation comes to make me want to bail out, or abandon ship, I have learned to ask myself, why prolong the time? I must do what I have been mandated by God to do. Often times, I have gone around the same mountain over & over again, running from things. After while, I too, like Jesus, have learned obedience through the things I have suffered.

In leadership, there is No room for the child in you. It is truly only for the mature, and will mature you quickly if you allow yourself, to be steadfast through the process.

Oddly enough, it is often times, those who are called to be leaders, who are the most critical of the ones that are in leadership. However, it is funny when the shoe changes feet. How when the baton of leadership is passed to you; you become more sensitive, (like a radar & interpreter of other people’s body language, words, and even thoughts! It’s like you can literally feel agreement or disagreement. Amazing right?!

Words to the wise, I say this, Be careful how you treat those over you. Whether, they are likeable, or unlikeable. Life is funny, and has a way of teaching tough lessons. Whether you sow good, or bad actions…you will reap what you sow!

Love your leaders, help them fulfill the vision God has put in them. See the bigger picture. The faith it takes to walk in leadership is mind blowing! Trust me, I promise you…you don’t want to be in their shoes, without loving people backing you with a pure heart, prayers, and support.

So please help your leaders walk out their destiny; as they lay down their lives- to help you fulfill yours. God Bless.

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Invested Time

Pause for a moment…think about all the many things you HAVE to DO! Overwhelming huh?! I wondered about the benefits of doing all of THOSE things- I have pressured myself to do.

Today, I thought…what is the return? How will doing this, or that, benefit my today and tomorrow? What will I reap? What is the gain? Why am I doing this? What is my motive?

In Christ, the just shall live by faith. So, in the many things that I do,- I will not always understand or have all the answers at first. However, it is important that all my steps are ordered of the Lord. I have learned to submit to however, the LORD decides to lead my day.

 I want my time to be used in activities that are truly valuable in life…that produces life.

Relationship with GOD is life itself! Relationship with myself (making sure I take care of my health, my emotions, and spirit), AND my relationships with others- outweighs a lot of the many items on my TO DO list.

Investing my time in God, myself, and others will reap a wonderful reward for my today, and tomorrow. I write this to share, and say -Don’t be so busy! Look at the to do list, and put things in its proper order.

Watch where you INVEST your TimeAND REMEMBER, Except the LORD build the house, we labour in vain! Psalm 127:1

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Deepest Rest in Midst of the Storm

Flipping through the bible for inspiration, came across book of Jonah. Jonah had a word from the Lord but didn’t want to deliver it to the people God had chosen to hear it.

So he ran! How many times do we run from what God has called us too! He headed another direction on a ship with men who did not know who He was! As you know, a great storm (fierce like a hurricane) lashed out on that ship. There was great loss of cargo, and fear for their lives!  While all this was going on, where was Jonah? In the bottom of the ship in a deep sleep!

This blessed me because how is a person able to sleep through a vicious storm?!  Fear was everywhere, & there he rested! Got me thinking about Jesus. When they (he & his disciples) went to the other side and a terrible storm came. The disciples feared greatly, and thought they were going to perish! Where was Jesus? In the bottom of the boat in a deep sleep!

Jesus and Jonah were able to fall into a deep, deep sleep in the midst of a deadly storm! What did they have in common? They both had a Word from the Lord in their belly. They both carried a message from God for the people. The Word has to be delivered. They both seem to have a blessed assurance that they will not perish before their time.

This was also the case with the Apostle Paul, when a deadly storm hit their ship he knew by the Word of God with in him that he will not perish. He also, knew others would not perish if they took heed to message he received from God concerning them.

So my point is this, you can have a deep, sound rest in the midst of your storm because of the Word of God with in you. You have a message from God with in you. You have a destiny. You must deliver.

In this confidence, this faith of God’s promises & plans for your life, in the most severe storm – there is a place in your ship (with in you)- where you can experience  DEEP REST!

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Holidays. Summer Fun. Sex..

Ok, just know that blogs comes to my mind randomly. I know you heard of ‘social drinking.’ I know you heard the phrase, ‘Spring is in the air.’ You probably never heard the phrase  ‘Sex is in the air?’ Well, I haven’t either til this morning …thats why I am writing this mini blog!

Ok, with ‘social drinkers’ they usually don’t drink unless they are socializing at an event, or with friends, etc. Outside of social settings they don’t touch the stuff.

Well, there are some people in their daily lives who usually don’t sleep around (fornicate or commit adultery). They do well! They stay focused on God, spouse, their daily responsibilities, etc.

But then comes the holidays (ex.Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day 😉 ), or the summer, the season of down time, vacations, getaways, where we want to reward ourselves with fun, and increased social activities.

Writing just to say, Be careful! If you are married & faithful to your spouse- this warning isn’t for you. However, you may know someone who is divorced, or  have single friends, or know college students, teenagers (summer break is approaching), that you may have to advise.

Whether you are courting, engaged, or have random intimate friends (old flings)…Be careful with your body. Don’t have any confidence in your flesh.

Some single people randomly/casually choose to have sex when celebrating holidays, events, vacation time, getaways,…have random flings believing they deserve a good time. However,…

Be determined to be pure unto God, in your mind, body, soul, & spirit. Temptations will come, and they are not from God. Always remember He will never give you more than you can bear. Submit yourself unto God. Resist the devil & he shall flee from you.

Be mindful of your environment. Be true to yourself. If know you got a problem, stay in groups…avoid isolated situations. Pray ask God for help, wisdom, guidance…be honest with him. He will help you succeed.

If you fall, sincerely repent, learn from the mistake, put on Christ’s righteousness, and move forward. Also, watch what you expose yourself too. Be not deceived, for God is not mocked. For whatever man soweth, that shall he reap.

Just saying friends, Lets us be mindful to worship God with our mind, body, soul, & spirit. Our body is His home, and it came with a HIGH price…therefore we belong to Him. Fun is good… Lets keep it pure before God.

Holidays. Summer Fun. Sex.

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It is amazing how we spend our entire lives searching for stability. We look for it in everything visible/ tangible. Examples, people, relationships, careers, status, money, positions…

We strive for security. Something we can hold on to in hopes that this thing/or area in my life is under control. We think ok, I don’t have to worry about this part over here, because a pattern is established, and seems predictable. If it changes, I can only tolerate, or adjust to the change if it benefits me for the better.

When honestly, the only thing we can actually control is ourselves. When we use our energy in life, to obtain those visible/tangible things in hope for stability, or security it is big deception.

Everything in time must change. Nothing stays the same. Not your spouse, your kids, your friends, your money, your job/ business. We can never find peace and security in tangible things.

In my experience, I have learned and is still learning daily- is to ask God to give me the ability to flow with life’s changes (both the good & the bad). With the faith believing that somehow- even in bad things that happens unexpectedly- will miraculousy somehow work together for good.

In my search for security in trying to obtain all that seemed normal to have or desire, I always came up empty. The liberty God is teaching me how to experience daily is this:

Practice stability with in yourself.

(Control your mind- monitor those thoughts) Philippians 4:8 whatsoever things are honest,…pure,…think on these things.

Pursue Peace.

(Is. 26:3-4) He will keep you in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on him. Trust in the Lord forever…)

See God’s love for you daily in the little things.

(1Thess 5:18 In everything give thanks…)

Throughout life’s changes find ways to delight yourself in God.

Whether its in reading, music, writing, building, helping others, dance, singing, art, preaching, sports…include him in everything- through acknowledgment of His presence on the inside of you.

(Ps37:4 Delight thyself in the Lord & He will give thee the desires of your heart.

Take one day at a time. Stay out of the past.

Don’t try to relive it, or fix it. Deal with the now. Enjoy today. Stability, and security can only  be found in a rich relationship with God.